Rancho Montana Lot For Sale

A Costa Rican Corporation formed to purchase and manage a farm in Costa Rica The ranch is 340 acres consiting of 12,  5.5 hectares (13 acres) lots and a large common area. The farm is located south of Tamarindo, and just north of the fishing village of Lagarto, with Nosora to the south. Currently there are 9 share holders in the ranch. There are 3 houses on the ranch, and a rancho. We run  cattle on the ranch, and lease out pasture part of the year. There are many mango trees, several lime, orange, and avocado trees, that are drip irrigated. The ranch has a caretaker and manager. We have 3 developed wells that supply water for the cattle, fruit trees, and houses.

The ranch itself is bordered to the north by mangroves that run along the river to the ocean, to the east by the main west coast road, to the south by another river, and to the west by the Pacific ocean. The climate is generally temperate with 30 - 50 inches of rain that falls mainly in the wet season, June to October. The surrounding flora is Dry Tropical Rainforest. Although extensively logged for cattle, there is abundant wildlife including parrots, howler monkeys, armadillos, hawks, owls, lizards. The ranch is returning to it's natural state.

Currently we have our lot and interest in the Ranch for sale at $60,000 US dollars. It is located on the west edge of the ranch overlooking the mangroves to the ocean. The lot is 5.5 hectares (aprox 13 acres) with two excellent building sites.  If you would like more information,   Drop me a line.

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Location of Rancho Montana Rancho Montana is located near the town of Junquial on the Nicoya Pennisula. Bordered to the east by the coast hiway to the west by the ocean, north and south by rivers and manglars. This working ranch has a lot to offer the nature minded individual.

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